Introduction to Antivirus Software (Including Recommendations)

Dangers loom everywhere on the internet, and when surfing the net, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Even though you may not intentionally visit suspicious websites, one wrong click to a seemingly innocent site can still leave your computer infected with a malicious computer virus or malware.

Spotting & Avoiding Email Phishing Scam Attacks

Put simply, a phishing scam is an attempt by a scammer to trick a victim into divulging sensitive information. While these scams seem simple and easy to thwart, they are actually the top cause of information security breaches and identify theft crimes.

Your Website’s SEO Health Check

Search engine optimization may not seem like a matter of website health, but through my years as an optimizer, I can assure you that it is. Some websites seem clearly healthy, and others, clearly sick.

What To Do If You Get a Computer Virus

Everyone dreads getting a pop-up notification stating that a virus has been found on their computer. However, you don’t need to panic the moment you get one of these dreaded notifications. Instead, you should follow these simple steps.