Defragging Your Drive: What, When, Why and How

Computers require basic maintenance tasks to ensure they run smoothly and do not suffer performance degradation. One of the most basic tasks you can perform to speed up a sluggish PC is defragging the hard drive.

What To Do If Your Email Inbox Is Overrun With Spam

Chances are if you have an email account, then you have received spam messages. Simply put, spam messages are unsolicited emails that attempt to profit off innocent Internet users. Some spam messages are relatively harmless and simply try to entice you to buy items that you don’t need or that don’t work, but other spam messages can be malicious and contain viruses and other malicious programs.

How To Identify and Avoid Malware

The term “malware” is used to describe a wide range of malicious software programs. This includes viruses and worms, spyware and scareware. Basically, these programs and codes are developed with the intent to steal information, damage the operations of a computer or trick people into paying for an illegitimate service. Malware can include everything from Internet browser plug-ins to programs that appear to be legitimate antivirus suites.

Why Cloud Computing Is More Secure

Cloud computing is considered to be the next major advancement in the technology world. However, there still tends to be a layer of mystery and confusion regarding cloud computing and its security.

How to Correctly Use a Mouse (and Avoid Carpal Tunnel)

Using a computer mouse may not seem dangerous, but potentially wrist-driven actions repeated thousands and thousands of times have the potential to cause carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are the type to use a computer heavily, you face both a high risk for injury and the greatest impact should injury occur. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take.